Jet Ski Ain Dubai

2 Hour Jet-Ski


You drive your own jet ski. Our certified instructor leads the way from our marina to the famous 7-star Hotel, the Burj Al Arab. We stop for a short photo shoot with one of the emblems of Dubai in the background. We then can admire Dubai Skyline as we ride towards His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum island and discover one of the top 5 luxurious yachts in the world. From there we head to a beach in front of Jumeirah Beach Residence for a small break. You can leave your jet ski on the beach and take pictures with JBR in the back. After the beach break, we will ride all the way to the top of the Palm Jumeirah and stop by the Atlantis Hotel for a photo session. We then go back to our marina and ride with the Burj Khalifa in front. Your tour of Dubai is complete! You drive around all the iconic buildings, took a lot of pretty pictures, and had a lot of fun with our powerful jet ski.



What You Can Expect?

Apart From A Fun & Fast Experience, You Can Expect The Things Below:

      • Powerful Yamaha 1800CC Jet-Skies
      • Complimentary Pictures
      • PFD (Life-Jackets)
      • Safety Briefings
      • Experienced Trainer’s
      • Changing Room
      • Locker’s To Leave Your Stuff

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