Jet Ski To Burj Al Arab

30 Minutes Jet-Ski

Follow our instructor on your own jet ski. From our marina, he leads the way to the famous 7-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab. This hotel has been built on the sea, so no better way to admire it from your jet ski. You can take all the pictures you want and have proper souvenirs from one of the most symbolic buildings of the city. Then we head back to our marina with some nice pictures, and views and had a lot of fun riding powerful jet skis.



What You Can Expect?

Apart From A Fun & Fast Experience, You Can Expect The Things Below:

      • Powerful Yamaha 1800CC Jet-Skies
      • Complimentary Pictures
      • PFD (Life-Jackets)
      • Safety Briefings
      • Experienced Trainer’s
      • Changing Room
      • Locker’s To Leave Your Stuff

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